We are a FREE promotional company for authors by authors! We do all the work to get your books to new readers.




How We Work:

Step One:
- You fill out the form.
Step Two:
- We promote you.
The end. 

 What We're About

We are here to support YOU and your books by placing both in the hands of new readers. We're not a tour company. This is non-profit so you pay nothing to the company and we do all the work.

What We Ask Of You

The people we owe our careers to are our readers. Without them, where would we be? Readers to an author is air to a lung -- necessary. Because of that, we ask that rather than pay us to promote you, thank the bloggers and readers who will be sharing your work by offering a small thank you prize for our weekly giveaway. It can be anything from an ebook, to swag or even bookmarks. You can also donate gift cards (nothing under $5, please). All prizes go into a rafflecopter with links to your social media, (please do not send any prizes to us. The winner's information will be sent to you).

What Is Expected

You are responsible for making sure the winner receives their winnings. Please make sure you send your donation as soon as possible. Failure to do so will get you banned from future promotions. Please don't offer something you can't deliver and please take a moment to thank the bloggers by following their pages or simply dropping them a quick message.



What We're About 

We are a group of authors looking to promote other authors while simultaneously, giving back to you, our readers for everything you do for us.

What We Ask Of You 

We only ask you to do what you already have been doing: helping share and support authors across the globe. We ask only that you keep sharing and promoting and being absolutely amazing!

What Is Expect

That by signing up, you agree to help share the weekly newsletter to the best of your ability and enter the giveaways!

*** Please be aware that The Black Unicorn Company is not responsible for the winner selection. All winners will be picked via Random.org or Rafflecopter. Also, The Black Unicorn Company is not responsible for damaged, lost or unsent winnings. If you are a winner and haven't received your winnings, please let us know. We will do our best to rectify the situation.

Do you have questions? Recommendations? Suggestions?
Email us: TheBlackUnicornCo@gmail.com
We cannot wait to work with you!
The Black Unicorn Team


*****IMPORTANT: It's one author & donation per week. You can submit a book as often as you like (just fill out the form each time), but you can only submit one book per author per week.

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